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On Thursday, June 16 2022, a small workshop within the EARI collaboration took place in Stockholm, at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The theme dealt with the topic of Neutrality and the European Academies of Sciences during the Cold War. Talks were given by Alice Oates from Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge about “The Royal Society, the International Geophysical Year (1957–58), and neutral science in Antarctica”. Johannes Feichtinger of the Austrian Academy of Sciences talked about “De-Provincializing Research in Austria: The Academy of Sciences, the State’s Neutrality Policy and Cold War”. Nils Hansson from Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf talked about “Science Academies during the Cold War: Researchers from Sweden and the German Democratic Republic between science exchange and science diplomacy”. Finally Jenny Beckman of Uppsala University gave a talk about “Neutrality, Nobel, and non-colonialism: Redefining the roles of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences c. 1970”.


Members of the EARI group during the workshop in Stockholm at the Club Villa of the Academy in front of a painting of the great donor Alfred Nobel. LtoR: Feichtinger, Fangerau, Grandin, Paoloni, Godel.